Imperia Structures Reviews the Indian Real Estate Overhaul

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4 Responses

  1. Nalini Verma says:

    If you are investing in property you want to get at least 10-20 percent hike after 1 year or so. I invested in properties given by Imperia Structures and after 2 years I got a 30 percent hike which is really appreciable.

  2. Sarvesh Kumar says:

    The staff of Imperia Structures is very helpful. I was not getting a house according to my requirement but they never lost patience and helped me always. Then I bought a superior house from them which had a nice parking space and a small garden as well. Thanks guys.

  3. Sandeep Singh says:

    The only real estate company that keeps its projects updated on its website. The whole thing is transparent. This is even before RERA was put in effect.

  4. Shanu Khan says:

    It’s going to be bigger. They are planning a whole township in Yamuna expressway. I think it will create a new hub like this other person said in the comments.

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